Varicose veins are often seen as embarrassing and unsightly. They bulge and discolor legs, often causing those who suffer from them to wear long pants in warm weather and skip outings to the beach.

Varicose veins occur when tiny valves inside the leg veins stop working properly. Normally, these valves would open and close to regulate blood flow to and from the legs and feet. But sometimes, those valves don’t close completely, allowing blood to pool and causing the veins to visibly swell and bulge. What you may not realize is varicose veins may cause more problems than with your wardrobe. Blood flow is impeded and could lead to more severe problems, like pain, swelling, restless legs, venous eczema, and ulcers on the skin.

At Bon Secours Vein and Vascular Specialists, you’ll receive quality care for your varicose and spider veins. We offer the most updated procedures for treating veins and restoring healthy blood flow right in our clinic – there’s no need for a lengthy hospital stay.

Our minimally invasive heat procedure allows for a safe treatment of weakened veins – the heat seals them off and allows the blood to move through healthier veins, thereby restoring normal circulation. The VNUS Closure procedure is quick, effective, and outpatient. You can resume your favorite physical activities in no time, and wear shorts, skirts, and swimsuits with confidence.

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